What is Ramadan, Ramadan History & Facts

Ramadan is romanized as Ramazan, Ramadhan, etc these all are names of the same festival. This festival celebrated in the ninth month of islamic calendar. It is observed or performed by muslims all over the country by fasting (Swam) for a month to commemorate the first revelation of Quran Mohammad. This annual or once in a year observance is regarded as one of the five pillars of Islam. This Prolonged fasting is almost carried for the whole month or approx 29-30 days which ends by visual sighting the crescent moon.

What is Ramadan

The word Ramadan is of arabic origin which clearly means Scorching heat or dryness. It almost obligatory for all the adult muslim individuals except the people who are suffering from illness, diabetic patient, People who travel, Pregnant ladies, Breastfeeding, and Ladies who are going through menstrual bleeding.

History of Ramadhan

Ramadan History

This fasting process have various rules and regulations. In this muslims are refrained from consuming food, smoking, drinking liquids, and sexual activities, throughout the day. Food and drinks are only served before dawn and after sunset. They are also restricted from sinful activities like cursing, back bitching, insulting, lying, and fighting, etc. The main purpose behind this is to bring out the inherited spirituality. It also includes increased level of prayers or salat along with more and more recitation of Quran. And as result they receive spiritual rewards for their offering towards allah. This reward is said to be multiplied within the month of Ramazan 2018.

Ramadhan 2018 can vary from seasons to seasons, when this festival falls in summer then the fasting hours are longer than the usual due to longer days. It is being written in Quran that "A person who is a guidance for mankind, a clear proof of guidance no matter who you are, you should do the fasting and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, a number of days. Allah desires you to ease. He desires not hardship for you. And the time you'll complete this period, you should magnify Allah for guiding you and rising the spirituality in you. So You should be thankful to Allah for giving you the life of wisdom.

Ramazan 2018

Facts About Ramadan

Ramadan 2018 is set to begin from 26 May 2018 and will end on 24 June 2018. The end of Ramadhan is marked by the first sighting of a crescent moon which is celebrated as Eid-Al-Fitr as a national holiday in various countries. This period is started in the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar which is also the Lunar Calendar, hence Ramazan 2018 is on the same day as on the Islamic Calendar. Ramadan Dates may differ according to timezones of various countries. This daily fasting is depends on the hours between the sunrise and the sunset which is dependent on the Season in which Ramadhan Falls.

It includes three important dates which are mentioned below.

  • Beginning: Starting of Ramazan is marked by sighting the new moon or normally a day after astronomical new moon is spotted.
  • Night Power: This is also known as the "Night of Decree" particularly the holiest night of the year and is considered better than one thousand of months. The commencement of this night is said to be the release of first revelation of Quran was sent to Muhammad on earth as believed by the muslims.
  • End: The ending of Ramadan is marked by Id-Al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of next lunar month.

In this fasting period five things are of primary importance which should be done no matter what.

  • Fasting for whole month
  • Suhur, which is also known as the pre-fast meal consumed before the sunrise or at dawn.
  • Iftar which is the fast breaking meal, mainly consumed after the sunset and usually dates are the first food to break the fast.
  • Charity is very important
  • Night Prayers & Recitation of Quran

Ramadan in India

Happy Ramadan 2018

So here we came across about all the information regarding What is Ramadan. For further more information regarding upcoming festivals stay tuned with us. Till then Enjoy.