Ramadan Rules For Fasting, Ramadan Fasting Duas

What is Ramadan Rules For Fasting: Fasting is also known as Sawm in Quran. If we refer to the literary meaning of Ramadan Fast, then it apparently means to abstain. According to Quran, The Fasting refers to entirely restricted from all those things that are forbidden during fasting from the break of dawn to dusk. In Quran, Allah says, " O, You who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may achieve Taqwa."

Ramadan Rules Fasting

Ramadan 2018 Fasting Rules

The Prophet Muhammad exclaimed, " Whoever fasts during the month of Ramadan, believes in Allah and seeks his rewards, will have his past sins forgiven." Fasting during Ramadan is considered as the pillars of Islam. It is mandatory for every normal, healthy Muslim who attained puberty to keep the fast. People who are traveling are also exempted from fasting. Women who are going through menstrual bleeding, Post childbirth bleeding, or breastfeeding mothers are also not allowed to fast.

Dua For Ramadan

The purpose of Fasting: Fasting process is done to attain taqwa, it is the total of all the spirituality and ethics present in Islam. Taqwa, basically is piety, righteousness, and consciousness of God. It can only be achieved with patience and perseverance. Fasting in Ramadan is considered as a shield as it protects the person from lustful and sinful desires. This abstinence from food and all the activities evokes a semblance of spiritual quality and also reinforce the angelic elements in a human being. It is a lesson to teach a Muslim piety and self-restraint.

Eminent Points of Ramadan Fasting

There are only two essential points of Ramadan Fasting, i.e., abstaining from negating acts as it can nullify your fast and Intention.

  • A person who is performing Ramadan Fasting should have a real plan to keep fast as it is a deed of the heart. It does not requires you to be vocal about it, neither flaunting nor the involvement of tongue.
  • Allah blesses the person who is having right intention in his or her heart.
  • Other than all of this, Allah also sees how much a person can abstain or restrain himself from his desires and negate activities throughout the day.
  • Allah tests your capacity, and he keeps a watch on your ability to be in remembrance of Allah.
Ramadan Fasting Rules

Activities which can Nullify the Fast, Ramadan Fasting Rules & Regulations

  • Intentional Eating or Drinking can lead to the nullification of fast. But if you ate my mistake or due to forgetfulness then your fast is still valid.
  • Intentionally Vomiting can also lead to the invalidation of fast but if the person is grabbed by the urge to vomit or it happened unintentionally, then the fast is still valid.
  • Intentional Sexual Intercourse will also nullify the fast. And to repent it that or those persons have to perform kaffarah i.e., Ramadan 2018 Fasting continuously for sixty days or have to feed sixty poor people.
  • Menstrual or Childbirth Bleeding also invalidates the fast. Either the bleeding happens just before sunset then that day becomes invalid and that day should be made up at a later time.

Dua For Ramadan 2018

Ramadan 2018 Rules
Ramadan Rules
  • Taking a shower is valid, no matter what the reason is.
  • Usage of eyeliner or eye drops is also permissible, even if some of its taste finds its way to the throat.
  • Rinsing Mouth and Nose with water is also permitted during fasting. But keep in mind to not use water in exaggeration as it may lead you to swallow it and thus invalidation of your fast.
  • People who are suffering from some problems or who intake injections due to some nutritional and medicinal purposes also have the validation for fast.
  • Intake suppositories, like if we talk about the case of injecting liquid into the rectum through the anus for cleansing purposes or any other therapeutic purposes is also valid during fasting.
  • Accidental consumption of saliva, dust, sifted flour, will not nullify your fast.
  • Fast will remain valid, even if you taste something with tongue or usage of toothpaste or mouthwash till the time is not swallowed.
  • Kissing your spouse is also permissible if you have the ability to control yourself. Along with this breathing in of scents is also allowed.
  • Drawing blood or donating blood is also permissible but if it weakens the person, then it will be considered as the negate action.

Actions Which Should be Performed During Ramadan Fasting

ramadan rules for fasting
ramadan rules and regulations

These acts mentioned below will help you gain more rewards from Allah. As these deeds will help you be blessed with Ramadan Duas.

  • Break the fast by eating odd numbers of fresh or dry dates, and if you don't have dates, then you can break the fast just by taking a sip of water
  • Recitation or reading Quran more than usual will also multiply the rewards.
  • Rewards can also be gained by using mistake (a piece of root from Arawak Tree) to clean the teeth.

Ramazan 2018, Ramadan Rules For Fasting & Regulations

Ramadan Fasting Duas
ramadan rules in dubai

So here we came across Ramadan Fasting Dua or Ramadan Fasting Rewards. These rewards are gifted by allah who present too much determination and dedication towards Allah and preach him. We also presented a list of Actions Allowed During Ramadan Fasting as these are acts which a person can freely during this whole fasting period. Here we also have some Activities Which can Nullify Ramadan Fasting. Hope this list of activities helps you in gaining knowledge about Rules & Regulation During Ramadan Fasting. For further more festive updates stay tuned with us. Till then Stay Happy and Stay Blessed. Ramadan Mubarak Ho.